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         WCB Retired Employees Association
  - Dedicated to maintaining and growing friendships -

Paying by cheque or e-transfer

Payment options

  • 1.       Any payment may be made by cheque, payable to "WCBREA", and mailed to the address below, along with a completed form. To get a hard copy of this page, just press Ctrl-P etc.

  • 2.       E-transfer to our account with the Compensation Employees Credit Union c/o wcbrea1917@gmail.com , along with identifying information per the form below. If you have questions, please contact our treasurer; see Contacts.
  • 3.       By credit card online at our association’s application webpage: wcbrea.com/join-us

In order to maintain your active membership, please note that annual membership dues must be paid before or by June 1 of each calendar year using any of the methods noted above, and may be paid up to two years in advance. Fees for associate members are the same as a retired member.

On behalf of your Board of Directors, thank you for your application and we look forward to continuing to engage with you in your retirement. We wish you a happy, healthy and fulfilling retirement. Welcome!

.Doug MacDonald

President – WCBREA     


Workers Compensation Board Retired Employees Association

Membership Application

NAME:         ______________________________________________________

ADDRESS:  ______________________________________________________

PHONE / TEXT #: ___________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS: _________________________________________________

*  Your email will be our primary contact route, unless you prefer mail: . รจ|___|*

Please accept my application for membership in the WCBREA
At the time I retired, I was on staff in the _____________________ department.

Please accept my payment for this event _____________________

SIGNATURE: _____________________________________________

DATE:            _____________________________________________


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